“Welcome to Hotel Hacienda San Lucas”

Hotel Hacienda San Lucas is a 100-year old property

Nestled in the hills above the tranquil Copan Valley, Hotel Hacienda San Lucas is a 100-year old family-owned retreat uniquely situated directly above the world-renowned Maya ruins of Copan. Hacienda San Lucas is a 100-year old property that was converted into an eco-lodge in 2000. Owned for many years by the Cueva family, the hacienda is situated on 300 acres of pristine tropical forest in Western Honduras, and overlooks the renowned Maya Ruins of Copan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hacienda was lovingly restored by hand to its original design using only local materials, techniques and labor.


In our restaurant is that we share our food in the spirit of our ancestors with our special guests. This is the basic ingredient of the evolution of our menu and cooking style.

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Whether you want to fill your days with adventure or free yourself from obligations, we’re here to help connect you with your bliss. Enjoy our packages of fun, relaxation, and adventure!

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Weddings & Events

It was love that brought restored Hotel Hacienda San Lucas back to its splendor, and we love weddings! Many of our wonderful guests have had beautiful weddings at Gaia

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Gaia Spirituality Center

Gaia has been a special destination for small, intimate weddings. Gaia is the site where many sacred Maya fire ceremonies have taken place, and have created a sacred energetic space.

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Driving Direction

Hotel Hacienda San Lucas is only 1.5 km from the charming town of Copán Ruinas


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Core Value of Hotel Hacienda San Lucas


The mission of Hotel Hacienda San Lucas is to provide our guests a unique and unforgettable  experience based on a spiritual commitment to share our family’s patrimony of an authentic rural hacienda that is helping the development of neighboring communities. This
responsibility includes the care and preservation of the nature and archaeology, as well as personal attention to each visitor, so that our guests feel like personal friends of our family.


The Copan valley is filled with archeological footprints of the ancient Maya. The Hotel Hacienda San Lucas property is home to the ruin Los Sapos (“the Toads”), which a recent Harvard University study deemed an important ceremonial site for the ancient Maya. To this day, the local folk tradition believes that Los Sapos holds special powers related to birthing and fertility (the toad is a fertility symbol in Maya tradition, and this region is home to 12 species of toads). There are also numerous unexcavated ruins throughout the property, which have been protected by the family from looters for many years.


Beautiful hotel

Beautiful hotel nestled in the mountains of Copan. Wonderful & friendly staff, great food and views like no other!!
Myra Kristy - Designation

A rustic place with all the comforts of a luxury hotel.

Adding the quality staff that attends and its administrators (Jose and Norma) that make an unforgettable experience. Delicious food, views and vegetation that must be experienced in person. Copan Ruinas an unforgettable experience for the quality of art that the Mayans handled at that time.
Jose de la Peña -

    I recommend this beautiful place!

    See a sunset and relax at Hacienda San Lucas, one of the pleasures of life
    Grecia Lamar -

      Our Events

      25 Dic

      Enjoy of our Christmas brunch

      Enjoy of our Christmas brunch with friends and family away from the bustle of daily city life. Delight in the easeful comfort of the holidays surrounded by lush nature, a view to the vast mountain range of the Copan Valley, the heritage of our hacienda, and the presence of the ancient culture of Mayan civilization (archaeological site just a 10 min. walk from San Lucas).

      31 Dic

      New Year

      New Year’s Eve is here and we want to celebrate the coming of 2019 with you! We welcome you to Hotel Hacienda San Lucas to come and delight in a delicious dinner. Perfect for enjoying with family and friends with a magical candle-lit, comforting meal. San Lucas offers the perfect space to fill your hearts of holiday spirit and new-year hopes and aspirations..

      01 Jan

      Rejoice in the start of a new year

      Rejoice in the start of a new year with family and friends enjoying our holiday’s brunch! Welcome the first day of the year in the peaceful, serene hills of Copan Ruinas and let yourself ooze into the magic of the holidays

      Delicious Food

      The food of the restaurant in Hotel Hacienda San Lucas is a "Mayan Culinary Experience"

      Fun With Family

      A place where you can enjoy with family all those pleasures offered by an authentic hundred-year-old hacienda.

      Mountain Cycling

      Enjoy trails in an exciting adventure visiting the famous archaeological site "Los Sapos"

      Golden Sunsets

      Finish your perfect day enjoying the best cocktails, wines and drinks in the Golden Sunsets of Hotel Hacienda San Lucas with the most spectacular view of the Copán Valley