This extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime tour features some of the world’s leading Maya archaeologists, scholars, epigraphers, and archaeoastronomers, who will present the latest breakthroughs in how the ancient Maya thought about 2012. It will also introduce you to the living Maya of Honduras, as well as to ceremonialists, who will welcome us into their lives and sacred rituals.

It is believed that if the Classic Maya kingdom of Copán were still in existence today, revelers would make the pilgrimage to it in 2012, just as they did at the change from the 8th Bak’tun to the 9th in 435 AD.

We invite you to follow in the footsteps of the ancient Maya this December, as we journey to Copán, Honduras, in celebration of the conclusion of 13 Bak’tuns (5,126 years) and of the Maya Long Count calendar.

We hope you’ll join us for The Great Return: Copán 2012, a tour 5,126 years in the making. Read Details

Shannon Kring Buset
Tour Co-Creator/Host
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