There is plenty of stuff to do while in Copan. Here are some activities both in San Lucas and in town for you to enjoy while staying with us:

Come and visit our very own Mayan ruins on-site! Though still being studied by archaeologists and anthropologists, some have suggested that that the alignments and measurements of the Acropolis where planned from this ancient site.

Here's a wonderful ancient photo-gallery from back when Mr. Sylvanus Morley one of the foremost researchers visited Copan in the early 1920s. Mr. Morley became a close & dear friend of the Cueva family.


Gaia: Meditation and Yoga Pavilion.  ::: A sacred space to re connect with our spirit.
Perfect space for morning and sunset to meditate and/or practice yoga.

The magic space allows us to connect with ourselves surrounded by luscious nature and feeling the healing and magic energy around and below us.




Enjoy guided tours on horseback to different places like La Pintada Village east of San Lucas, the a waterfall on the Copán River, and to Las Sepulturas Archaeological site.


The restaurant at San Lucas is a culinary destination all of its own. You can not only indulge your palate in our inspired regional cuisine prepared by our creative local Maya Chorti staff, but you can also join Us and learn to roll tortillas and wrap tamales.

The biological diversity found in the area surrounding Copan allows for excellent birding. Our pine and oak forests are home to many animals which include an updated (2012) bird- list shared from Victor Emmanuel Nature Tours & the Boston Audobon Society that has passed 400 species (and counting!). This makes Copan one of the more well-studied areas in the country.
Click here to read about Copan’s Birding Conservation Project, which San Lucas is proud to be a part of!

Finca Santa Isabel
45 minutes east from Copan and the place where “Café Welchez” is grown. You can learn about coffee cultivation & visit the processing plant, during a two-hour tour through the premises.

Finca El Cisne
One of the largest and oldest estates in Copán here you can experience authentic rural Honduras. You can horse-back ride through the mountainous landscapes and learn how coffee is grown.

Finca Miramundo Coffee Plantation
With breathtaking views from atop Mt. Miramundo - visit this UTZ Eco-certified coffee plantation of Arabica beans. Here, the cloud forrests sweep in to nurture the coffee beans and provide home to several species of toucans and tropical parrots.



Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve
Learn about and interact with the intelligent, colorful birds of Central America, Macaw Mountain is a reserve that cares for rescued and endangered birds while committed to teaching preservation of nature and these majestic and sacred Maya creatures. Ever had a picture taken with a Scarlet Macaw on your shoulder? This is your chance!