Mayan Culture
Unless you were alive during AD 300-900, you’ve already missed Copán in its glory days. But don’t be discouraged! Luckily for us, the Maya succeeded in creating spectacular art and architecture that have stood strong throughout the test of time, and that make a visit to this tranquil oasis, just seven miles from the Guatemalan border, well worth a visit.

The main attraction is the magnificent Maya Ruins, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Archaeologists have identified Copán as one of the largest and most elaborate cultural centers of the Mayan world, but after one look at the giant temples, you’ll wonder why it took an archaeology degree to figure that out.

Wander through underground tunnels, and learn why the last king of Copán built a temple on top of a temple. Cartwheel on the same field that hosted ball games to determine who deserved the honor of being sacrificed to the Gods. The Maya’s achievements in mathematics, astronomy, and hieroglyphic writing keep them relevant today; come see what all the fuss is about.


Sublime Nature
Words never really succeed in capturing natural beauty; seeing is believing. Copán sits on a valley, and the views from its surrounding forested mountains will take your breath away.

Here is an ideal spot for bird watching, because the semi-tropical, varied climate attracts a wide variety of winged beauties. If you like your creatures furry, you can see some animals like monkeys, sloths, or guineas pigs hanging out in the jungle.

Check out our activities page for a full list of ways to enjoy this beautiful scenery.

Modern Destination
Copán is nestled in the foothills of western Honduras. It has a population of about 3,000 inhabitants. The local currency is the Lempira.

Come walk the charming cobblestone streets, peek your head into the shops, bars, and restaurants, and see if the Copanecos don’t succeed in convincing you that this place still possesses all of its former magic.